Picus Venture Year

The Picus Venture Year is a unique opportunity for highly talented students to experience entrepreneurship from all perspectives – the investor perspective, the startup perspective and the social perspective!

You are looking for a gap year opportunity and you are excited for an entrepreneurial challenge? Then the Picus Venture Year is the perfect choice for you! It allows you to choose three out of four options – Pre-Seed investments, Seed/Series A investments, Startup and Social – to build your own entrepreneurial journey for your gap year. The program is complemented with regular social and networking events to meet fellow participants and professionals from a variety of backgrounds and to widen your network for your future career.

Investor perspective:
Pre-Seed Investments
(3 months)

Support the Pre-Seed investment team with strategic refinement of business models, analysis and development of target markets, as well as the development and rollout of new potential Pre-Seed companies.

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the team here
Investor perspective: Seed/Series A Investments
(3 months)

Support the Seed/Series A investment team with independent execution of market and company analyses and participate in meetings with CEOs and founders of our startup ventures.

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the team here
Startup perspective: Startup company
(3 months)

Support one of our portfolio companies in their operational and strategic activities and be an active part of shaping their future. Potential roles include a variety of professions such as business development, product, tech, marketing, etc.

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companies here
Social perspective: 264.education
(1 month + opt. extension)

Become part of a team of educational activists building schools in developing countries. Depending on project pipeline you can choose from being either abroad and help hands-on or support the team remotely from Munich to work on strategic projects of 264.education.

Learn more about
264.education here

Your advantages

Explore a unique and interdisciplinary experience in the entrepreneurial ecosystem

Choose and combine those activities which fit to your preferences – the program is flexible in terms of content and duration

Network with professionals from a variety of backgrounds and benefit from our mentoring and training program, which will last over the entire Venture Year

Build close and valuable relationships with participants of different cohorts through shared experiences and events such as kick-off, closing and regular networking

Benefit from a highly reputable, convenient and fully organized gap year option to gain experience from various fields before you start your masters

When choosing the NGO option, you will be able to apply your core values to work and truly make an impact

Our Startup Partners

Seed and Series A
  • We support you in building valuable and long-term relationships


    The program includes regular events and get-togethers with all participants as well as representatives from the different internships such as kick-off and dinner events. Additionally, we organize networking possibilities with more senior profiles to help you get some deeper insights in the entrepreneurial space.

    Mentoring Program

    You will get a personal mentor on a senior level who accompanies you during the program and supports you with individual mentoring sessions to achieve your personal and career goals. Additionally, you have the chance to join different trainings and fire-chat sessions with inspiring personalities, serial founders or our partners.

    The Picus Venture Year consists of two batches with two different start dates


    You can build the Picus Venture Year according to your own preferences. There are two batches, one starting in October 2022 and the other one starting in January 2023. The duration depends on your choice and can vary between 7 to 9 months. If you choose the social perspective, this part is supposed to be one month but can be extended optionally.

    3 months
    Investor perspective
    3 months
    Investor / startup perspective
    1 month + pot. ext. 3 m.
    Investor / startup / social perspective

    Who can apply?

    We appreciate applications from students with various backgrounds, who will graduate in 2022 and aim to start their graduate studies in 2023. You can find general application requirements here.

    When to apply?

    There are two distinct application processes, one for each batch. The deadlines for each batch are January 16th, 2022 and June 30th , 2022. You can only apply to one of the two batches.

    Our application process is a 4-step journey, during which we want to get to know you and give you the time to get to know us better as well

    Batch 1

    Submit your application via our career homepage

    January 2022

    First Call

    You will get an invitation to schedule your call with one of our team members

    March 2022

    Assessment day

    In our follow-up interview we like to get more detailed information about your skillset and personality

    May 2022

    Kick-off Event

    For your start at Picus we will conduct comprehensive onboarding sessions

    October 2022

    Batch 2

    Submit your application via our career homepage

    June 2022

    First Call

    Schedule your call with one of our team members

    September 2022

    Assessment day

    In our follow-up interview we like to get more detailed information about your skillset and personality

    October 2022

    Kick-off Event

    For your start at Picus we will conduct comprehensive onboarding sessions

    January 2023

    If you have questions in the meantime,
    you can reach out to Cynthia:

    E: cynthia.haug@picuscap.com

    Learn more about the program in our FAQs – don’t hesitate to contact us in case of further questions

    Who can apply to the program?

    Applications are open to students with all backgrounds, who will graduate in 2022 and aim to start their graduate studies in 2023. You can find more detailed application requirements in the job description via our Job board.

    When is the application deadline and the start of the program?

    The first batch of applications for the Picus Venture Year ends on January 16th, 2022. You can expect feedback to your application until January 20th, 2022. The assessment day will happen in May 2022.

    For the second batch of applications for a program start in January 2023, the dates will be updated on our homepage accordingly starting in June 2022.

    When can I choose my options and would my choice impact the chance of my application?

    In the application form you will be able to set preferences for the options you want to choose for your Venture Year.

    Your choices will not have an impact on the success of your application.

    When will I learn which startup I will be supporting if I choose the startup option?

    If you choose the startup option, we will provide a shortlist with potential startups and the different roles.

    In your application you can give priorities which industries, startup or stage you prefer (as we do not have any stage in any industry you cannot select both).

    We cannot guarantee that you will receive your number one preference to the start based on fast changing demands for personnel in our portfolio companies but we try to consider your preferred industry/stage.

    What happens if your preferred combination is already filled?

    First of all, we are convinced that almost everyone will be able to get the top choices.

    However, in case we are too limited on a certain internship opportunity, we will reach out to you and offer you an alternative position. After that you can choose whether or not to accept the offer

    You will not automatically get rejected in that case if we believe you are a great fit for the program.

    Can I apply to Picus even though I got rejected from the Picus Venture Year?

    Yes, we appreciate your application after you gained further relevant experience.

    Relevant experience could be either an additional academic qualification or practical experience in a fast-paced environment, for example in consulting, investment banking private equity or a start-up.

    Will I receive compensation for all internships during the Picus Venture Year?

    For your time at Picus and the portfolio companies you will receive a monthly salary.

    For the social entrepreneurship experience, you will receive a one-time compensation which should be used to cover your costs such as flights and other expenses.

    Who will cover the cost for the stay at the social internship opportunity?

    For the social internship you will receive a one-time compensation which should be used to cover your costs such as accommodation, flights and other expenses.

    How can I prepare best for the assessment day?

    For the case interviews you can read through our tips regarding how to approach the cases. In addition, you could make use of consulting case specific interview material such as Preplounge.

    To be up-to-date with the latest industry trends, we recommend skipping through some articles on “Techcrunch”, “Sifted” or any other startup related blog.