Please find some of our most frequently asked questions below. If you have further questions before or during your application, feel free to contact us

Could I also do the internship in Berlin/London?

Our European Investment team is mainly based in Munich. There might be the chance that you are working with a venture based in Berlin or London. However, this depends on project availability.

What material should I use to practice for the interviews?

For the case interviews, you should read our tips regarding how to approach the cases. In addition, you could make use of consulting case specific interview material such as Preplounge.

To be up-to-date with the latest industry trends, we recommend skipping through some articles on “Gründerszene” or “Sifted” or any other startup related blog.

What is the analytics test like and how can I prepare for it?

The analytics test is comparable to the integrated reasoning part of the GMAT. To practice for the analytics test you could use GMAT preparation material (you will also find material for free online)

We achieve the best outcome possible in terms of efficiency and quality

We set high and ambitious expectations for our work and the work of others

We appreciate the fact that great companies are built when they are able to go the extra mile

There is no such thing as “face-time“

How likely is it to get an offer for full-time after an internship?

We don't have any fixed conversion rates and every intern performing extraordinarily will receive an offer.

How often do I receive feedback during an internship?

For internships: During your internship you will have two formal feedbacks - one mid-term and one end-term feedback. Our feedback structure is in line with the values of our culture. In addition, you have a short feedback touchpoint after your first two weeks and you can ask for informal feedback at any time.

For Full-time positions: You will receive formal mid-year and year-end feedback from your supervisor. During these feedback sessions you will also have the opportunity to give direct feedback to your supervisor and address any kind of issue to optimize your style of working.

In addition, we appreciate it if you would seek informal feedback proactively. At Picus, we have a very honest and direct feedback culture.

Is there any specific time period during which it is easier to get invited to an interview?

No, we recruit on a rolling basis throughout the entire year. However, as there is high demand for internships you should plan your application roughly 6 months in advance.

If I get rejected, can I apply a second time?

Yes, we appreciate your application after you gained further relevant experience.

Relevant experience could be either an additional academic qualification or practical experience in a fast-paced environment, for example, in consulting, investment banking or startup.