How to prepare

Our interviews test personal fit, structural & analytical thinking and entrepreneurial drive. To optimally prepare for the interview, consider these best practices:

General advice

Be aware of recent trends in the startup world

Scroll through our homepage to understand the differences across teams, get to know our investment philosophy and take a look at our portfolio company overview.

Show your entrepreneurial drive – this does not need to be in a professional context but we want to understand what you are passionate about

Engage with your interviewer and show your passion – we want to get to know you 🙂

Entrepreneurial discussion

Be prepared to dive a bit deeper into your favorite 1-2 startups and their business models

Listen to the interviewer and clarify questions to fully understand the problem of the case

Develop an initial hypothesis and a structured framework, demonstrate business judgement and discuss your approach with the interviewer

Make accurate calculations and be transparent throughout your thought processes to prove your analytical skillset